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Headshot Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a useful and essential service for business owners, actors, photographers, agents, studios, models and professionals . In this budget high-End photo retouching,

We provide any spot, create reflection, ideograph, shadow creates, color correction, headshot , background remove etc.

  • High-End Photo Retouching
  • Portrait Photo Retouching 
  • Body Retouching
  • Color Correction
  • Photo Manipulation 
  • Hair Musking
  • Teeth color Retouching
  • Skin Tone Enhancement
  • Red Eye Removal
Photo Retouching

Professional Headshot Photo Retouching

Through the Headshot capture, many newbie photographers show the picture fake. The main challenge is not very glossy and plastic skin outlook. We guarantee to keep Photoshop headshots up to date when you’re free from spare things in the face and background. Our heads are checked by our retoucher head before each picture we receive from our customers personally go out.Do not worry about how you can make a lookout professional with Photoshop in our company. It will be our job.

We are glad to let you know that our customers have come to us for many times our Headshot Retouch Service and quality change. Below you may learn about the key processes of headshot editing and what our team can do for you .


Create various characters apply a variety of effects. Be who you want to be with master theatrical headshot retouching. Theatrical roles ensue certain characteristics that are defined by the role that must be performed. With our expertise, we can assist you real emotion and expressions through various photo retouching techniques. We aim to ensure that you can make an impression, so that your headshot matches with the role that you want to characterize.

  • Applying digital make-up
  • Removing or replacing the background
  • Using dodge & burn effect to add drama
  • Refining the eyes, polishing the teeth and taming the hair
  • Adjusting and enhance facial features


Look more professional & smart. Business and corporate headshots have a specific goal that is more than having a personable photo. We can edit commercial headhsots to create a trustworthy, confident, authoritative or friendly aura for attracting more customers. If you are gearing up to be part of a company that you like, then give importance to having an photo that is worthy and professional.

  • Applying digital make-up
  • Removing blemishes, pimples & eyes’ dark circles
  • Removing red-eye, Sharpening the eyes
  • Brightening the teeth, cleaning up lips
  • Refining the eyes, polishing the teeth and taming the hair
  • Adjusting and enhance facial features
  • Removing outre hair or adding highlights

commercial headshots

Create a manifest aura to attract more customers. With commercial headshots, you need to impart an exhibition that will make a friendly and reliable mood. These headshot photos are designed for e-commerce or for an advertising company. With commercial headshot retouching, our team focuses on improve the beauty of the model but still looks natural. You can trust Inheadhsots if you wish to design your pictures look decent and professional so that you can put them in your resume or company portfolio.

  • Removing backgrounds/distracting elements
  • Teeth whitening, flawless skin, red eye removal
  • Removing stray hairs, adding highlights to hair
  • Fixing & make straight the clothing
  • Slimming the subject (only if required)
  • Removing spot, pimples & wrinkles


Our Headhsot image retouching services are mainly demanded by the models and actors since it is really important in their profession to tollk stunning tin all their photos. In this category, we first discuss the level of photo editing a perticular client wants. It is because some actors or models prefer moderate or basic level retouching while others go for advance or high-end ones. after that, we use the necessary fashion photo editing special techniques to make the model look perfect.

  • Applying digital make-up
  • Whiting of the teeth
  • Correcting colors, highlights & shadows
  • Leveling sharpness, contrast & brightness
  • Adjusting saturation & exposure
  • Smoothing and toning the skin textures
  • Removing red-eye
  • Removing of skin imperfections

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